The Breakdown

For the time being this is the best (and only) VR racing experience for PlayStation VR. It's not a killer app but good enough to give you a taste of racing in VR.
Graphics 7.5
Sound 9.0
Controls 6.5
Immersion 9.0
Comfort 8.0
Gameplay 8.0
Online mode, and the original game's most content available. Nice balance between arcade and realism.
Graphics much worse compared to the original game. Can be blurry and hard to see where you’re going. Saved games from original game don't work. Missing weather effects.

This version of Driveclub for PlayStation VR is one of those games that, depending on whether you focus on its positives or negatives, feels quite different. It is definitely a remarkable VR driving experience. At the moment it does not maker much use of the Ps! Pro edition’s extra powr, it would be a much more attractive title if it did.