Porsche plans to sell cars through virtual reality

German carmaker Porsche is experimenting with VR as a new way to promote its luxury cars. The company shows off a beta version VR app at various auto shows, letting visitors “test drive” Porsche’s latest models.With the Panamera VR app – available for iOS and Android – users can examine the interior of the car, and be taken on a test drive by a Porsche driving instructor.

“You can really get inside the Panamera, whether it’s the Panamera Turbo, or the soon-to-be-released Panamera Hybrid, now in an all-wheel-drive format,” said Connor Gorman, Sales Professional at Porsche Westwood to a crn.com reporter. “You can get inside and see the LED matrix lighting system in the Panamera when you hover over the icon.”

Depending on the reception of the beta software, Porsche may utilize the technology for its most valued customers to build custom vehicles.

“So if you’re building your own car, you’re customizing it to your wants and needs in a vehicle, you can get ‘into’ the car and see the different colors, see the different option configurations in the car,” Gorman said. “It gives the customer a new sense of ownership instead of waiting the three-plus months for the vehicle to made, factory-forward.”

Source: crn.com