This VR simulator seat will make you really flip, if you roll your car in Project Cars

MMOne might be the ultimate gaming chair you’ve been always dreaming about. It brings your favourite amusement park ride right into your living room (or rather into the garage), and makes you spin 360 in all axis.MMOne is a gaming seat attached to something that is probably best described as a huge industrial robotic arm, which mimics all the motions that can happen in a virtual reality environment. It lets you feel every turn, loop, flip, ups and downs, and aircraft barrel rolls in the most physical way. And now it goes into production.

For the final commercial version MMOne hasn’t set a price yet, but don’t expect it to be less than your car’s pricetag. Just keep in mind that the Ukraine-based MMOne had a prototype last year that was worth about $50,000 only of parts.

Anyway, either you’ll be able to afford or not, MMOne is going to be the ultimate VR racing rig. The simulator includes a fixed platform with adjustable legs, the base, a sports seats, and VR glasses or screen. The control system includes a joystick or interactive wheel. The simulator comes with its own software system that is compatible with various applications, from racing games to space simulators, rollercoaster, or educational programs. The chair can rotate on three axes, going 45 degrees to the left and right, raising 45 degrees, and revolving 360 degrees.

For the commercial version, MMOne recently gained TUV-certification (European safety certification), and the arm is now compatible with a number of games, including the racing sim Project Cars from Slightly Mad Studios, DCS World (flight simulator) from Eagle Dynamics, Red Bull Air Race from Slight Mad Studios, and Wingracers and Trackmania Turbo from Ubisoft.

MMOne Company cofounder Alex Ryzhkin said last year in an interview with GamesBeat that the company wants to deliver the ultimate immersive and interactive experience to accompany VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive headset.

While similat technology for aircraft simulator already exists, the products of MMOne’s competitors can cost in the millions of dollars, and they don’t offer the same experience when it comes to VR games. In other words, MMOne is your only chance to play Project Cars VR in a 360 simulator chair.

According to the manufacturer there’s a good chance you’ll come accross an MMOne simulator in the future in a shopping mall.