Moto Racer 4

If you really looked forward to this game, we must disappoint you: Moto Racer 4 is not the VR bike sim you’ve been waiting for. It’s VR capabalities are too limited, the visuals are too ugly and the gameplay is too arcady to recommend it to anyone looking for a fun VR ride. There’s a serious lack of game modes, apart from single player time trials, there is nothing to play with ()at least for now) in VR. Such a shame!

According to many players’ reviews, Moto racer 4 is not the best bet if you’re in search for a good VR racing title. After playing the fantastic Driveclub VR, MR4 feels like cheating. Time attacks & hot laps are playable with the PSVR headset, career and online are not available. What’s more, the graphics are very poor in virtual reality.

The official press release states, however, that “Microïds and Artefact Studios will progressively and freely make all game modes and races, already available in Moto Racer 4, compatible in VR,”. But the when remains unknown.

The helmet view in Moto Racer 4 combined with the downgraded resolution for VR results in a game that cannot match the visual standards offered by most racing games currently on the market. That being said, if you own a PS4 Pro console, you’ll get somewhat smoother framerate, but the visual quality is just not enough for an enjoyable VR experience.

And it’s not just the graphics, gameplay lacks quality as well. While Moto Racer 3 was a fairly good racing game, this one is more like a silly arcade speeding, where you need to constantly press the turbo boost key.

Moto Racer 4

Publisher: Microïds

Developer: Artefacts Studio.

Platforms: PS4, PC via Steam

VR: PSVR (No HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift support)


The Breakdown

Waste of money, only time attacks and hot laps in VR PSVR. Poor graphics.
Graphics 2.5
Sound 6.0
Controls 3.5
Immersion 3.0
Comfort 3.0
Gameplay 3.0
At least there's a bike game in virtual reality for PS4 players.
Limited VR functionality, poor graphics, too arcady.