Project CARS 2 leaked trailer shows beautiful graphics, can’t wait to drive in VR mud, snow, ice and dust

A leaked, unofficial footage has surfaced on YouTube, showing a pretty well edited trailer for the upcoming Project CARS 2. Slightly Mad Studios’ new game will be launched for PC, PS4 and Xbox One around September 2017, and is expected to support virtual reality not just on PC (like its predecessor), but on PlayStation VR as well.We don’t know how, but the game’s first trailer was leaked, which presumably was planned to be released this week by the team. The video contains not only rendered images, but actual gameplay moments as well, and also confirms that a variety of road surfaces (mud, snow, ice, dust and gravel roads) will have a huge role in PC2.

Project CARS 2 was announced as early as June 2015, only a few weeks after the launch of the first, unfinished game, so at that time, the gamer community wasn’t really happy with the announcement.

According to rumors, Project CARS 2 promises to feature 50 different locations, 200 tracks, eight different competition modes (including Rally Cross) and over 200 cars, plus a cooperative career mode and also eSports features.

What’s more important to us, Slightly Mad Studios has been developing the Project CARS 2 with strong focus on virtual reality, and hopefully will support most VR headsets right from launch date.