Revell Control X-treme “VR Racer” wins ToyAward 2017

Every year, from all over the world, the entire toy industry gets together in Nuremberg, Germany, to meet at the largest trade fair in the toy sector. Exhibitors present new products, and right on the opening day (January 31 this year), they announce the yearly “ToyAward” winner. The prize is traditionally given in four categories, based on age, from infants to aduls. In 2017,  The Revell Control X-treme “VR Racer” was voted the winner in the “Teenager & Adults” category.The innovative radio controlled car from Revell explores a relatively new concept, called the “VR Racer”. The toy combines the outdoor features of Revell’s Control X-treme product line with a completely new driving feel. Thanks to the virtual reality glasses included in the package, the driver feels like sitting in the car. The toy car is equipped with a camera attached to the roof, and a dedicated free application transmits its live image directly to the driver’s smartphone. On top of the livestream, the driver is able to switch the car’s headlights. While the displayed image is 2D only, which makes it less appealing to hardcore VR fans, the idea is still creative and fun enough to make it to the toplist of any boy’s birthday wishlist.

The “ToyAward 2017” prize “not only stands for the outstanding innovative power of this “VR Racer” model, but also the tremendous technological potential of the entire Revell Control X-treme line,” says Andreas Bittlinger , Head of Marketing at Revell. The Control X-treme line is Revell’s new benchmark line in technology, reliability and longevity. The vehicles are designed for heavy-duty outdoor, and their robust design can withstand severe loads without damage. The motorized rear axle ensures rapid acceleration and high speeds of up to 25 km/h, and the car’s parts can be easily reinserted if they come off during a crash. What’s more, the handling is also outstanding for an RC-Car: the servo steering is very precise and has a small turning circle.

Only downside? The “VR Racer” won’t be available until September 2017, with a price tag of 109.00 EUR in Europe.

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