VR campaign highlights the dangers of distracted driving caused by mobile phones

A trio of rugby players have joined the #DriveSafer campaign, run by insurance company Aviva, to highlight the dangers of mobile phone distractions while driving – with the help of virtual reality.

Wasps rugby club players Joe Simpson, Jimmy Gopperth and Ashley Johnson were put behind the VR wheel of a stationary car to highlight the potential consequences of interacting with your mobile phone while driving.

Unaware of what was about to happen, the big boys were exposed to three near-misses all caused by a distracting smartphone that was receiving messaging while they travelled down a dark country road.

The scenarios included a darting deer, a fallen tree and a broken-down motorist, with the culmination being a traumatic high-speed crash.


Check out the video below.

The film states that looking at your phone for just 5 seconds while driving at 45mph (72.4 km/h) means you’ll have travelled the length of a rugby pitch. It can be life or death.

Wasps scrum-half Joe Simpson said, “Having been put through Aviva’s VR driving experience, it was really shocking to see just how distracting a mobile phone can be while you’re behind the wheel. Jimmy Ashley and I would encourage everyone to play their part in making our roads safer and to put your mobile phones away whenever you’re driving.”

Conclusion: it’s all fun until it’s in virtual reality only, but there’s really no excuse for using your phone while driving a real car.

Source: sports.yahoo.com