Finally, PlayStation VR users have a new racing title to play with, thanks to the latest DLC of DiRT Rally that brings compatibility with Sony’s virtual reality goggles. Although it was not announced with fanfares, it’s already in the PSN Store, so given the small number of VR racing games for PS4, here’s our advice: do not hesitate, grab that 43,31GB DLC ASAP!

Until now, if you wanted to drive around wearing your shiny new PSVR headset, there was no other option than the gorgeous but not so simulator DriveClub VR. Considering the investment the headset required (not to mention the cost of your rig and wheel etc) so far Sony’s platform has been more like a dissappointment for VR players. But now you’ve got Dirt Rally, a really great game that the VR addon makes even better.

Check out the official release video of Dirt Rally PS VR.

The whole DiRT Rally is in VR

Let’s talk a bit more about what content is available in the VR package. Thankfully, every track, stage, car, and discipline is available for PSVR users, there’s nothing left out of VR mode. You get to enjoy all of Dirt Rally’s content in VR, from the forests of Finland to the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course.

And there’s even more! The DLC features a new “Co-driver” mode where a second player manages the famous pacenotes, which serve to indicate the amplitude of a turn. The player in the navigator seat has to send the right indication, at the right time – by pressing the right button. If they not, the pilot will not know what to expect. A score is given at the end of each course. Imagine you’re racing on a cliff-side and a blind corner comes, only your co-driver’s pacenotes can give you an idea of what lies around. The instructions must be well-timed, clear, and reliable. You’re in the hands of Player Two.

PS4 Pro Optimized

It’s time to enjoy the benefits of your superpowered PS4 Pro, because DiRT Rally’s VR upgrade makes the most out of the new hardware. You’ll be able to see graphical improvements in virtual reality (compared to running the title on the original hardware). In fact, just to be crystal clear, the Pro support covers the VR DLC only, there’s no difference in terms of visual quality in the original game run on the two original and the Pro consoles.

Introductory offer

The bad news is, the DLC doesn’t come for free. On the contrary, it’s a more on the expensive side, but there’s a special price until February 27th 2017. Curently there are three offers including a time limited one:

  • The original game DiRT Rally: € 39.99 / $39.99 / £39.99
  • DiRT Rally plus PlayStation VR update plus and the Fully Loaded DLC Add-on pack: € 49,99 / $43,39 / £49,99. This promotion will end on February 27th at 23:59.
  • DiRT Rally PlayStation VR DLC: € 12.99 / $12.99 /£9.99

A special retail version of DiRT Rally with the PSVR DLC is also available in select stores.

What about the future, you might ask. Nothing official yet, but rumor has it that DiRT 4 could receive PSVR support right at launch.

Feel free to tell us what you think about the DLC in the comments below, but first here’s an older video from YouTube to show you the power of DiRT Rally in VR: