This VR crane simulator for Oculus Rift can reduce the cost of crane operator trainings

Virtual reality is here to improve our lives in many ways and not only in entertainment, but with the help of VR simulations, professionals are able to prepare for their future jobs. This has been the case in aviation, pilot training, or in the military, just to name a few. But now here’s a new, unique form of VR training: the crane simulator.

Industrial Training International (ITI) has announced that its VR crane simuléator will be showcased at the CONEXPO exhibition, to be held in March in Las Vegas. The simulator uses an Oculus Rift in combination with special controls tailored for crane control. ITI claims that this simulator will significantly reduce the cost of training of crane operators.

ITI is a world leader in the crane business and also in other sectors such as mining, construction and energy in the US and Canada.

The company first announced its ITI VR crane simulator last year in September. The system has been created in collaboration with the Canadian developer Serious Labs Inc. The crane sim is more affordable than earlier solutions, which typically cost more than € 100,000.

The crane sim uses a special control system with fifth joystick, which simulates the control of a real crane. The simulator works mainly with Oculus Rift, but also supports OpenVR and should be compatible with the a target=”_blank” href=””>HTC Vive headset in the future.