This is probably the best home VR racing simulator money can buy in 2017

An outstanding VR simulator rig has been tested by YouTube user Carfection: the RAID Pro 340 by Premier Motor Racing Simulations might be the ultimate, the very best home racing rig that money can buy in 2017.

The Sparco racing seat is connected to a motion system that consists of high quality industrial hardware. Similar systems are found on the F1 teams’ own pro training simulators. The set is fitted with an officially-licensed replica BMW M3 touring car 320mm steering wheel with full metal construction and Alacantra finish.

According to the video below the replica BMW wheel is nothing like the off the shelf wheels from Logitech or Thrustmaster, this one is much more precise and powerful. While the rig comes with a 3 monitor setup installed, it can also be hooked up to the HTC Vive headset to provide a fully immersive racing experience.

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The guy in the video jumps right into a virtual BAC Mono but he’s been lucky enough to drive a real life BAC Mono, too. As he says in the video, driving the Mono in the simulator is definitely not the same as in real life, because you don’t get the same braking and acceleration sensation. But in terms of experiences that come close, there is nothing that comes closer than this sim rig. “This is as close an experience you could get to driving a BAC Mono that you could get in your home.”

He adds that virtual reality “is going to change our relationships with cars in the future completely, when such experience is available in your front room.”

Unfortunately all of this doesn’t come cheap.  The RAID Pro 340 could cost you as much as 36.000 GBP

  • Ayoub BAHOU

    where can we buy this ? and how much is the price?

    • Odin 2o9

      Didn’t read? The very last thing said in the article is that it costs in the range of 36000GBP.