E3 2017: Gran Turismo Sport VR mode supports 1-on-1 races only

At E3 2017 producer Kazunori Yamauchi revealed some additional info about the next GT game scheduled to release this fall. We learned that the simulator is already at its final refinement stage, and Yamauchi also mentioned that while releasing games in the middle of the optimization process is very common nowadays, this time Sony gave them enough time to polish the game until they meet the desired quality. All right, but what about racing in virtual reality?

Unfortunately, Yamauchi also revealed that the VR mode for Gran Turismo Sport will be limited to just a 1-on-1 mode due to the PS4’s limited hardware capabilities. Yamauchi-san went into express detail about how each frame needs to be rendered stereoscopically and how straining it is on the hardware to render each frame twice at a certain level of fidelity. He said that it was particularly taxing on the team trying to figure out how to get VR to work and to maintain Gran Turismo’s trademark visual fidelity.

To make it worse, not all tracks will be available in VR mode, only one third of them.

He went on to explain…

Unfortunately we can’t support the entire game content in VR and it’s really because – as I mentioned – that the really high rendering loads that [the VR] system incurs on the game, but there will be a VR driving mode in the game where you can run one-on-one races. All the cars in the game are usable in the [VR mode] but only one third of the tracks will be available in the mode.”
So if you were hoping for a robust selection of VR modes, full grids, and all that other fancy stuff, you’ll have to settle for only one-third of the tracks being available and only one-on-one driving modes. This is actually a bit of a step down from the Driveclub VR mode, but if you really wanted that realistic driving simulation feel that Gran Turismo brings to the table, you will at least be able to experience it for the first time in VR on the PlayStation VR headset this fall.

Source: oneangrygamer.net