Gran Turismo Sport VR gameplay video reveals GoPro camera in the cockpit

We have reported before that October 19th will be the release date of PlayStation 4’s probably most awaited driving simulator, Gran Turismo SPORT, the first in the iconic title’s series that will feature a VR gameplay mode. Prior to the release date, Polyphony Digital held a a studio tour in its Tokyo headquarter, showing the game to local media, such as Game Watch, who uploaded an exciting ingame footage presenting a 1-to-1 rally race at Sardegna.

The published video not just shows the race itself, but you can also have a quick peek at the VR menus, which look, to be honest, rather generic, not something specifically designed for virtual reality experience. The video clearly shows the limited VR support in GT Sport, both visually and in terms of options. 1-to-1 racing is all you get, and no online multi, and no full HD. At least the backgrounds are still impressive, and the cars (a Focus Rally Car and a Group B Mustang) look as good and detailed as they need to. Great news that Polyphony have chosen a HUD-free approach, letting the driver fully immerse into the vehicle cockpit.

Equally nice addition to the game that –as GTPlanet points out– GoPro cameras make an appearance. In screenshots of the Group B Impreza WRX STI and the BMW M6 GT3, GTPlanet saw GoPro cams tucked away in the interior. And in the VR gameplay above, it appears the Focus is also equipped with a GoPro.

Hopefully GT Sport we let players to see a replay from the GoPro’s angle, showing the driver’s real life head movements, which is one of the greatest benefits of racing in virtual reality. Stay tuned, Gran Turismo Sport launch date is coming soon!