This is why GT Sport’s VR mode is so limited: “The hardware and devices need to evolve more”, says Kazunori Yamauchi

As we have reported earlier, one of the most exciting features of Gran Turismo Sport, the ability to race in virtual reality, is going to be very limited. In a recent interview, Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of the developer studio Polyphony Digital, talked very openly about the challenges of development.Kazunori Yamauchi told that it was a very hard development, the hardware and devices need to evolve more, but still GT Sport will offer the best VR racing experience out there. Despite these challenges, Yamauchi says “the VR mode in Gran Turismo Sport is at the very top of the industry.”

We have no doubt that the team behind GT Sport have done their best to create a unique VR racing experience, however even the CEO admits that they weren’t able to achieve their original vision. “Still, it’s not like we’ve reached our goal. “, told Kazunori to

Read a longer quote from the interview:

“With VR, we’ve done everything with the current console to make Gran Turismo VR the best it can be. There was a lot of very hard development, and as a result of all the efforts that were made, the VR mode in Gran Turismo Sport is at the very top of the industry. I don’t think you will find any VR racing experience out there [as good]. Still, it’s not like we’ve reached our goal. Obviously, the hardware and devices need to evolve more, and I think VR is something we will need to look at in the long-term to see what it ultimately achieves. But in terms of the current VR, I think the best experience you will get is with the PS4 Pro and the PSVR system.”

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The Australian magazine has tried to get a specific number regarding the how many tracks would be available in the VR mode at release, but didn’t get a precise answer. also comes to the sad conclusion that GT Sport won’t really define the future of racing in VR as either we the fans or Yamauchi the artist, dreamed it could be. Yamauchi and his team will not give up, but for now GT Sport’s VR mode will likely to be another fun mode than a standalone racing experience.

Gran Turismo Sport will launch on October 17 in North America and October 18 in Europe for PlayStation 4.