Watch the first trailer for the VR mode of Gran Turismo Sport

While due to hardware limitations GT Sport isn’t likely to become the holy grail of VR racing simulators on consoles, but this first official trailer featuring the game’s VR mode still promises a fantastic racing experience for PS4 gamers.

The first official video of GT Sport’s PSVR support features professional Nissan team drivers, as well as members of the GT Academy initiative, sharing their experience with Gran Turismo in VR. As a plus, we can also see lots of ingame footages that really look gorgeous and inviting.

All pro drivers give their comments on the game. Given it’s an official video those comments are all positive, such as “it’s crazy when you use the VR, you feel you are there” from pro racer Ricardo Sánchez. Or “I think that’s next level stuff. You just naturally see everything that you would if you were driving for real. You have to turn your head physically to look in the mirror.”

You can say it’s marketing talk only but the guys on the video do seem really honest and enthusiastic about the game, which is a good sign!

They even claim that he game will be good enough to improve racing skills by stating “You could actually improve your race vision using the VR. Combining the VR with stearing wheel and pedals, it’s the closest thing you’ve got.”

At the end of the video Lucas Ordonez concludes that “Gran Turismo Sport is gonna bring an absolutely new era of racing”, which sounds a bit too optimistic to be true, given it has to compete with other -PC only- VR sims like the upcoming Project Cars 2, or Assetto Corsa and iRacing.

Also, don’t forget that that even Kazunori Yamauchi, the CEO of Polyphony Digital admitted the game’s limitations in VR, and we also know that GT Sport will offer nothing else but one-on-one racing mode in VR. Gran Turismo Sport is due for release on October 17th.