These VR sim pods will be placed in the Mercedes Benz stadium

Reddit user wootlekins shared this awesome photo of multiple work in progress VR sim pods, built by his company, to be used in the car themed Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, sponsored by Mercedes.

The reddit user has also shared some details of the project. The pod is being built by a company called Czarnowski, design is in house, they use a custom CNC program to cut the panels. The material is primarily wood and metal, but contains some fiberglass as well. Once the panels are cut, they get covered in laminate then painted for better durability and a nicer finish. One pod without the electronics will cost around $2000, or even more.

That’s all we know from wootlekins, the user didn’t tell more, but the photo also reveals that the pod will be most likely used with HTC Vive headset (check the seat behind the pod). If you have more info on this project please share with us in the comments below, or contact us via email or Twitter.