It’s time to get the discounted PlayStation VR for $399

Sony have recently announced a great discount for the PSVR system. The PlayStation VR headset will be available at a special price this autumn. Related software title prices have also been reduced as part of the current promotion.PlayStation VR will soon be receiving a price cut, at least in the US.

On Monday, Sony Interactive Entertainment US announced that its PlayStation VR Worlds bundle of PlayStation VR, two move controllers and PlayStation Camera – along with a copy of the game – will be dropped in price. From 1 September, the bundle will drop from $499 to $449, giving first-time PlayStation VR buyers everything they need for a disturbingly cheap £346.

In the US, the core PlayStation VR bundle will also come with a PlayStation Camera as standard, retaining its $399 price in the process. This means US consumers will save around $45 off the price of a standard PlayStation VR kit.

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In the UK, the current PlayStation VR solus unit will set you back £339 on Amazon. The same PlayStation VR Worlds bundle doesn’t exist in the UK so, combined with the absurd price difference between territories, don’t expect a UK price cut on the base unit to come anytime soon.

“Across the SIEE region we are focused on a variety of sales and marketing initiatives that give Players great deals,” an official statement sent to Alphr from SIE UK explained. “Sales and promotional activations are based on individual market situations and we have nothing to announce at this time with regards to PS VR bundle pricing.”

PSVR’s main selling point has always been that it is affordable. While the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are considerably more expensive and require a high-end computer to function properly, Sony’s version can be picked up for under $500 and only needs a PlayStation 4. That is still a large amount of money, but it is a cheaper option than its competitors. Even if the other devices are of better quality, and are definitely the recommend a long-term purchase, they are only worth considering if someone already has a high-end PC.

Sony has reduced the price of the PlayStation VR to $399, including the PlayStation Camera. Before the headset cost $399 by itself, with the camera setting someone back a further $59, but they are now bundled together. As the camera is not some peripheral that can be ignored, it should have been included with the VR in any situation. It could be argued that someone might already own the camera with their PS4, but that seems rather unlikely.