VR Chat user was having a seizure attack, what came next was totally surreal

One participant of VR Chat – a popular virtual reality social platform similar to Second Life – equipped with motion-tracking sensors, appearing as a red robot avatar, suddenly collapsed in the middle of the chat room. While on the floor, his shaking avatar accurately imitated his movements. Yesterday a video emerged on YouTube of the alarming moment when gamers helplessly watched the horrific scene.The video shows an avatar writhing on the floor as others try to determine the seriousness of what they are witnessing. The rest of the room: a little girl, a pokemon, a skeleton, a naked dancer, a dwarf and others gathered and tried to figure out what was the problem, and what can they do with it.

Check out the video below, it’s quite surreal, looks like an episode from Black Mirror. Fortunately, the seizure attack did not last long and the player got up. In the rest of the video, you can hear the whole community standing around the player trying to advise him to take off the helmet and relax a little.

“I honestly don’t remember a lot of it,” that robot, who did not want us to use his real name but goes by DrunkenUnicyclist, told Kotaku over the phone. “I do remember feeling cold all the sudden. After that, I woke up and I was on the floor. I could hear these voices.” DrunkenUnicyclist added that he has had a seizure in the past, when he was five, although he says he doesn’t suffer from epilepsy or any other condition that might have caused this.

Following the attack, DrunkenUnicyclist responded to the chatroom that he was okay. Participants of the room urged him to drink water, and call somebody who could help. When an avatar of a fat man in a diaper started to repeatedly sat on the robot avatar, players told him to stop doing it.

“It was comforting to know somebody was there after it was all said and done,” DrunkenUnicyclist said. “It’s really amazing that people can come together like that over somebody who’s in distress. In a world where nobody even knows each other, really.”

Source: kotaku.com