Gran Turismo Sport VR mode might get time trials with future update, but not multiplayer

Polyphony Digital Director Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the highly successful Gran Turismo series, gave an interview at the Taipei Game Show last week, where he was questioned about GT Sport, including future plans on the game’s PSVR mode – reports the Japanese site GameWatch.

In the interview Yamauchi san mentioned that he is planning to make time trials possible in GT Sport VR mode with future updates, which is really good news for us, given that in its current state GT Sport PSVR is not much more than a gimmick, although a quite nice one. The problem is that the gamers have not much to do in the current VR mode, there is 1 to 1 race against AI and that’s it. So time trials would definitely add extra value to the VR mode, however this is not what most players are waiting for. They want to race in virtual reality against their friends, but sadly, according to Yamauchi san, vr multiplayer is not planned for GT Sport.

On a positive note, the latest free GT Sport update added several new cars and one new track that is available in VR, too.