Pepsi collaborates with Google to create a VR experience for its Super Bowl campaign

Super Bowl half time commercials have become almost a biggest hit than the game itself. Companies spend around $5m on a 30-second half time ad, to reach an audience of, on average, 100 million US viewers. In 2018 Pepsi choose to send out a truly global message in its ‘Pepsi Generations’ campaign with ‘This Is The Pepsi’, reminding consumers of the brand’s rich pop culture heritage. And to really make the message unforgettable, Pepsi added an extra dimension to its campaign: virtual reality.

Created in partnership with Google, the “Pepsi Go Back” experience – a WebVR extension of the Super Bowl ad – takes the user on a journey of Pepsi’s iconic commercial history. The experience starts by showing the inside of an old race car. This is a nod to the 1998 television spot featuring former race car driver Jeff Gordon. On the console of the car is a Pepsi Zero Sugar, which, when selected, turns into a bottle of Pepsi Perfect from Back to the Future.

“Pepsi Go Back” is available for free on smartphones with a VR headset like Cardboard or Daydream View. Also available on any a desktop browser that supports WebVR.