Shell develops VR training for airplane refuelling to prevent devastating consequences

The Virtual Trainer comes with a built in virtual tablet to allow for self-guided learning.

VR training in aviation is mostly used for pilot simulation training, at least that’s what we’ve been thiniking, right? Actually, turns out that refuelling a plane correctly – and more specifically the water filter separation process – is just as important as flying the thing, so why not in virtual reality?Shell’s Aviation Fuelling Division is working in partnership with EON Reality on a VR Filter Water Separator Trainer, a proof of concept system that could be the world’s first example of advanced virtual reality technology in aviation refuelling learning and development.

According to EON Reality’s blog post, aviation fuel treatment, and the operating conditions that staff face on a daily basis are very strict. Water, or anything else in the fuel, can cause devastating consequences, such as plane crashes, if equipment fails. Therefore Shell required a wholly accurate, interactive, and photorealistic training offering.

This VR environment aims to be a collaborative training software where global trainees are guided through the lesson remotely by a live trainer, who administers and observes the training from their laptop. The system will reduce operational downtime, accelerate the workers’ learner journey, and provide data into Shell’s global learning management system to track behaviours, completion, and learning rates.

The system allows trainees to practice hazardous procedures in a safe, virtual environment.

“We are really proud to have proven Virtual Trainer with Shell,” says Eamonn Watson, Director at EON Reality.“The Proof of Concept won full approval from Shell’s VR/AR incubator in the Netherlands, where it is now being demonstrated to global stakeholders across Shell, to show how Virtual Trainer can deliver a unique, connected enterprise platform for VR learning efficiencies across all global departments.”

The developer’s blog post doesn’t go into details regarding hardware specs, so we don’t know what headset or VR system will be used for the Shell training, but most likely it will use EON’s AVR Platform that is   compatible with almost every possible platforms, from Mobile VR (Gear VR, Cardboard) to HMDs (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), and even Microsoft’s Hololens.

Via Reddit