Free VR demo of WipEout Omega Collection now available for PS4

Released 22 May 2018, a Wipeout Omega Collection VR demo is now available for download from the PS Store. You have access to a Feisar ship and two race tracks, namely Vineta K from WipEout HD and Altima from WipEout 2048. Both tracks are playable in in 4K with HDR, or in VR, of course.

WipEout Omega Collection is far from being a whole new game, it’s more like a remastered version of previous iterations, but it’s still one of PS4’s best racing games, offering incredibly fast and addictive gameplay and a nice amount of content. What’s more, the recently added virtual reality mode makes it even more tempting for those with a PlayStation VR headset. In fact, this is probably one of PSVR’s best experiences to date.

The demo lets you select from the traditional Feisar ship, or the new Feisar VR ship, which you can race with on the twists and turns and the blinding sunset of Vineta K from Wipeout HD, or on the vertical drops and jumps of Altima from Wipeout 2048.

Hurry up, download the demo from the PSN Store, don’t let your ship sail away!