Feel Three VR motion simulator seat is a hit on Kickstarter

Feel Three is a new virtual reality motion simulator launched via Kickstarter that blasted past its required £50,000 pledge goal in just five hours.

The simulator cockpit is a half sphere – somewhat similar to Yaw VR –  which sits in a base containing wheels and motors to move the user in three degrees of rotation: pitch, roll and yaw. Because the center of gravity is at the center of the sphere there is no lifting, and the simulator is very easy to move.

It couldn’t be more realistic to race Monte Carlo in an F1 car without leaving your living ream. Feel Three has 90+ degrees of roll so users can feel every hairpin turn like they’re in a real race car. Once buckled in, the user can experience strong sensations while standing at the center of the scene, and his whole body follows the movements and accelerations offered by the experience of virtual reality. It also proposes vibrations. All the possibilities are really impressive.

The device is designed for a lot of games, it is also modular so you can install the controllers of your choice (pedals, steering wheel, joystick, etc.), depending on whether you want to simulate a car race, a fight in space, or a flight simulator in an airplane.

A crowdfunsing campaign was started on Kickstarter to finance the marketing of the simulator. In just 5 hours, the goal of $65,038 was achieved. It costs about 670 Euro for a standard version with a couple of movements and 2235 Euro for the full version. Early birds will get their cockpit between March 2019 and June. After the Kickstarter campaign, prices are expected to rise.

Specifications of the Feel Three virtual reality motion simulator include :

  • Pitch/Roll: 90/100 degrees
  • Yaw limit: 3600 degrees +
  • Speed: 70-120 degrees/sec (roll & pitch)
  • Weight: 60 kg sphere, 25 kg base (total 85 kg or ~187 lbs)
  • Power requirement base: 220/110V 600W
  • Power requirement sphere: 220/110V 600W
  • User height: 140-200 cm (~4 foot 7 inches – 6 foot 7 inches)
  • User weight limit 3/6 wheels: 110 kg (~240 lbs) / 135 kg (~300 lbs)
  • Materials: 98% aluminium
  • PC requirements: Win 8+, two USB 2.0

For a full list of all available options and pledge goals jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.