VR Aviation company FlyInside has announced the release of its next generation flight simulator, the first simulator designed with VR in mind, the company said.According to the company, the virtual reality flight simulator will provide an experience that never existed before in any other simulator with early access/open beta flight simulator.

“FlyInside Flight Simulator is the first flight simulator ever designed with VR in mind from the start. Although it can be used in the traditional way, the latest VR technology developed by FlyInside will provide a sense of immersion that never existed before in any other simulator,” said Dan Church, founder and CEO of FlyInside Inc. “Today we release an early access/open beta flight simulator at a discounted price but you can expect lots of updates and new features in the coming weeks and months,” adds Church.

FlyInside Flight Simulator works in VR with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Pro and Windows Mixed Reality HMD’s.

The software óhas 10 default planes and helicopters at launch and will allow you to not only fly with your hands using the Leap Motion technology but also will allow you to flick switches, move levers, and even use menus just by touching them. It’ll also allow virtual windows to place navigational charts, web pages, and flight simulator dialogs all around you.

FlyInside Flight Simulator is available on FlyInside website at a discounted price during the early access period. At the end of the early access period FlyInside Flight Simulator will sell on Steam and Oculus store.